High retention

Because of our high retention you can even download very old posts. Our retention is 1600 days, that’s more than 4 years!

High completion

A high retention is worth nothing when posts aren’t complete. By setting up redundant systems we can offer a high completion.

Unlimited 3 day trial

Take a test-drive. You can try our services for 3 days. Our trial is free of charge. It is unrestricted with no obligations whatsoever. Experience our full usenet service to see for yourself all that we have to offer. Just signup for free and you get instant access!

New: Speed Booster!

The speed of all our accounts is boosted outside our peak hours. This means even more speed and it won’t cost anything extra!


No obligations. To use the Hitnews newsserver, you first have to credit your account. Starting from € 1,50 you will receive full access to all of our newsgroups.